The Blackwater Experience

by The Blackwater Experience

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released April 17, 2013



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The Blackwater Experience Amsterdam, New York

Smokin' hot 'n heavy rock 'n blues!

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Track Name: Outlaw Blues
Better stand by me my pistol
And unlease it with a smile
it’s to rise or a living fall
while dust runs into my eye

Better a standoff than behind bars
are you, tough enought to die
The trigger of the gun
a rain of fast bullets fly

Don’t let the man take your price
Don’t let the man get you down

An eye for an eye
ice fills my soul
what your fighting for
while my body hits the floor

Don’t let the man take your price
Don’t let the man get you down
Track Name: Fortune Days
It was a night like the other night
From dust into starlight

It’s made for you and I
Castles in the sky
Came like a thief in the night

There’s a million people
All the pretty people
All around the World
It’s all meant to be and
daddy doesn’t understand the World

There’s a million people
Ordinary people
All around the World
That’s all and so be it
he doesn’t, understand a single word

Hey a million miles away
I’ll live fortune days
I’ll live fortune days

It’s made for you and me
Milady I'm on my knees
Humble for kings and queens

And on the roof is a unicorn
He swears to his holy sword
Humble for you my lord
Track Name: Siberia
When I got lost in the desert
ohh my baby lost her fun
It was war with the germans
When, I deserted
What a fun
What a fun

I see you there
I see you there
I see you there
standing in the doorway

and i made it to the bayoo
I was walking under water
we were told to hate the germans
before I deserted
what a thrill, if you’re old enough to kill
Track Name: The Key
I am a wanderer
I travel night and day
I am a danger to myself
Some call me vagabond
But what they don't understand
Is that I try to find my better man

You are a hero
You are a fighter
I'm on the dark roads
You are the key
To San Francisco

I am a traveller
I travel night and day
I am drifting by myself
And I go where ever I go
Where ever the wind blows
Anywhere the wind goes

You are a fighter
You are the key
You are my hero